carol devey haughton

2 May 2018


I found out I was pregnant shortly after this project began so despite my best intentions, I've found my focus gradually filtering away from my work to prepare for the baby.


After much consideration, I made the difficult decision to give up my lovely studio space with Navigator North that I was sharing with my sister, it really was a cool place to work but I'm determined not to take on too much for the first year of the baby. I was given some good advice from my mentor, that I should actually take maternity leave! I know that sounds like a perfectly normal thing to do, but as I'm working for myself, I find the lines between work and personal time can become very blurred.



I couldn't just stop creating altogether though, so I've taken over the summer house in my garden and renamed it The Sewing Room. My boyfriend has been building it for the past six years and I think he might have had different ideas for its use, but he's very understanding of my need to sew, and he loves me! I still have a few small commissions to work on over the summer and I'm currently enjoying being able to work on some personal projects, like a giant lampshade with my favourite places embroidered on.


So apart from looking after Martha and Milo, I'm planning to use some of my time over the next few months to brush up on some new hand embroidery skills, go and see some new art, and retune my online presence on etsy and my website. Hopefully being able to be back on larger projects by this time next year.

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