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2 May 2018

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Since the final exhibition at Hartlepool art gallery, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on some new work for the New Craftsmen gallery in London. Creating ceramic mugs, ornaments and plates inspired by Victorian markets. A lot of the work focuses on characters travelling to and from the market, pulling along their carts of goods to sell, ladies carrying baskets of fresh flowers, and gentlemen strolling in their top hats. Alongside some of the ceramics are rough/quick brush and ink paintings which aren’t something I’d often show, but gives the work some context and a story of where certain ideas have come from.



There’s been quite a few accidents in the kiln recently! which has slowed everything down as well as getting extremely excited/distracted by an upcoming trip to Sri Lanka. I’m keen to find new sources of inspiration, and ideas for new shapes in order to develop a range of vases, I want to experiment with going bigger in the work that I’m making and move away from shapes I’m already comfortable making.

Recently both myself and Josie Sommer curated an exhibition called Love exhibition. The show represented a group of female illustrators responding to the theme of love in whichever way they desired, whether it be literal, cheesy or obscure we wanted to give the artist a chance to give their interpretation of such a powerful and much talked about topic.


It was shown across two venues, System gallery in Newcastle and Colours May Vary in Leeds which had some really positive responses and hopefully during the summer this year we hope to take it to London!



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