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Theresa Easton : Queer Between the Covers Artist Books

4 Apr 2018

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To accompany the exhibition Queer Between the Covers in Senate House Library, University London, Theresa Easton draws out a selection of narratives within the collection on display. 


Djuna Barnes, Maud Allan, Oscar Wilde and Gays the Word Bookshop, present a collective record of the struggle for equality and fight against LGBTQ+ persecution.




Drawing on aspects of historical oppression of gay and lesbians in the last 150 years, the design and printed books have a structure that accentuates the subjects covered in each book.  The books are informative and reflective.  There is seriousness to the experience suffered by Maud Allan and playfulness to the antics of Djuna Barnes Turkish fold book. Oscar Wilde’s stitched concertina book weaves through ancient Greece and Victorian Britain.  Gay’s the Word flag book design celebrates collective action and solidarity.

Easton uses a range of printmaking techniques to realise her ideas with a focus on silk screen printing and photo lithography.  Running through the collection, traditional letterpress captures the essence of slogans, giving volume to text and type.


Senate House Library

University of London, Senate House Malet St London WC1E 7HU.

15th January – 16th June 2018

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