2 May 2018

I found out I was pregnant shortly after this project began so despite my best intentions, I've found my focus gradually filtering away from my work to prepare for the baby.

After much consideration, I made the difficult decision to give up my lovely studio space with Navigator North that I was sharing with my sister, it really was a cool place to work but I'm determined not to take on too much for the first year of the baby. I was given some good advice from my mentor, that I should actually take maternity leave! I know that sounds like a perfectly normal thing to do, but as I'm working for myself, I find the lines between work and personal time can become very blurred.

I couldn't just stop creating altogether though, so I've taken over the summer house in my garden and renamed it The Sewing Room. My boyfriend has been building it for the past six years and I think he might have had different ideas for its use, but he's very understanding of my need to sew, and he loves me! I still have...

2 May 2018

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Since the final exhibition at Hartlepool art gallery, I’ve been spending a lot of time working on some new work for the New Craftsmen gallery in London. Creating ceramic mugs, ornaments and plates inspired by Victorian markets. A lot of the work focuses on characters travelling to and from the market, pulling along their carts of goods to sell, ladies carrying baskets of fresh flowers, and gentlemen strolling in their top hats. Alongside some of the ceramics are rough/quick brush and ink paintings which aren’t something I’d often show, but gives the work some context and a story of where certain ideas have come from.

There’s been quite a few accidents in the kiln recently! which has slowed everything down as well as getting extremely excited/distracted by an upcoming trip to Sri Lanka. I’m keen to find new sources of inspiration, and ideas for new shapes in order to develop a range of vases, I want to experiment with going bigger in the work that I’m making and move away from shapes...

16 Apr 2018

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Over the last few months I have been working on several different things - a fairly normal working pattern for me that involves juggling multiple balls at once and trying to keep some of them in the air! I've been working on a variety of different things including my work related to my practice, but also stuff related to North Sea Collaborations, a design group i'm involved with and also my ongoing role as painting assistant to the artist James Hugonin. 

Recently, much of my time has been devoted to designing and putting together a new website - I'm really pleased to say nickkennedy.info is now live! It's been a long time in the making, as my previous website was built in around 2011, but it has been a great task to achieve. I think it is really important for artists to take moments to consolidate and reflect and that is something I've been able to do, whilst getting through the laborious task of collating, organising and uploading images. The website contains just a selection of works...

16 Apr 2018

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Becki Harper will be undertaking her second year of York Open Studios this month, an annual community arts event which celebrates the best artists and makers living or working within a ten-mile radius of the city. Each year York Open Studios provides an opportunity for the public to visit artists’ studios and exhibitions.

This year Becki will be showing her new work on the subject of bees, and has developed her ceramic installations, in addition to creating a series of original complimentary paintings, prints and merchandise. Her latest work explores the natural life cycle of the bee throughout the seasons, and employs limited palettes, which remain simple yet colourful.

Becki says 'working on the Latest Edition project has enabled me to think more deeply about how my work can highlight current social and environmental matters, and how I can reach out to the public with my artwork in order to inspire change. If lots of us can make little changes then the benefits can be great. I intend t...

9 Apr 2018

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January Plastics, Diane Watson 

The Latest Edition project with Navigator North has acted as a springboard for my further development as an artist. Following the launch exhibition at Festival of Thrift, I entered my work ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ into The Universal Sea: Pure or Plastic?!, a EU-funded project which links scientific findings with artistic creations offering a new perspective on this urgent topic. The exhibition was a worldwide open call and although I did not make the final five for the Europe wide tour, my work was selected as one of the top 100 proposals. These are on display at, The Centre for Polish Sculpture in Oronsko, Poland from April.

Tampax Necklace, Diane Watson. Photo Credit Howard White 

I also had work selected for Empowerment exhibition organised by Creative Debuts and Nasty Women.

The exhibition launched on International Women’s Day and attracted thousands of visitors to the Black and White gallery in Shoreditch with lots of excellent press coverage, in...

4 Apr 2018

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To accompany the exhibition Queer Between the Covers in Senate House Library, University London, Theresa Easton draws out a selection of narratives within the collection on display. 

Djuna Barnes, Maud Allan, Oscar Wilde and Gays the Word Bookshop, present a collective record of the struggle for equality and fight against LGBTQ+ persecution.

Drawing on aspects of historical oppression of gay and lesbians in the last 150 years, the design and printed books have a structure that accentuates the subjects covered in each book.  The books are informative and reflective.  There is seriousness to the experience suffered by Maud Allan and playfulness to the antics of Djuna Barnes Turkish fold book. Oscar Wilde’s stitched concertina book weaves through ancient Greece and Victorian Britain.  Gay’s the Word flag book design celebrates collective action and solidarity.

Easton uses a range of printmaking techniques to realise her ideas with a focus on silk screen printing and photo lithograp...

4 Apr 2018

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Working in collaboration with the Festival of Thrift, Latest Edition artist Theresa Easton, along with Pauline Taylor (Infinite Arts) will be leading a series of banner, pennant and flag making workshops in celebration of women gaining the vote.

Working with textiles and silk screen printing, Theresa will be using local research to guide group members through a series of printmaking techniques in order to design a communal banner to take to Prociessions2018 in June.

Women’s Banner Making Workshops - Kirkleatham

Drop-in 7th April 1.30-3.30pm

Friday 10.30-12.30

20th, 27th April and 4th,11th May

Final drop-in 20th May 1.30-3.30pm

Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar, TS10 5NW



Women’s Banner Making Workshops – Middlesbrough

Thorntree Roses play host to the first two banner making workshops in Middlesbrough, before moving to city centre location at Dundas House with Navigator North.

9am – 12noon April 17th & 24th, dro...

7 Feb 2018

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Monday 26th to Wednesday 28th March 2018

Navigator North, Dundas House, Middlesbrough, TS1 1HY

Navigator North are pleased to announce that we will once again be hosting Prince’s Trust for a three-day professional development opportunity – Explore Enterprise, as part of our professional development for artists in 2018.

There are 8 FREE places available to emerging artists between the ages of 18 to 30 years old, who work less than 16 hours per week. As well as being able to attend all three days participants should be able to attend a one hour introductory session between 1pm and 2pm on Tuesday 27th February 2018.

The three days will include -

Day 1 Personal skills to start a business, Managing Money, Making the business legal, & Self-Employment.

Day 2 Marketing, defining a brand, finding customers, keeping customers, social media, & promotional materials.

Day 3 HMRC requirements, book keeping, cash flow, profit margins, mentoring, grants, loans and business plan.

These sessions, led by staff a...

23 Jan 2018

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Latest Edition Artist Nick Kennedy's work has an experimental approach and style. Nick's experiments often parody scientific processes and examine the relationship between intuition and logic. For his limited edition Nick has created a four colour silkscreen print. The poster and installation of the same title explore a visual language of recycled, fragmented forms.

The forms reference architecture of the Bellamy Pavilion, where the first Latest Edition Project exhibition took place during the Festival of Thrift in September 2017. Latest Edition is currently exhibiting at Palace Arts, Redcar.  Limited edition works and merchandise are for sale at the gallery and within our Latest Edition online shop. To find out about the further touring exhibitions here.

Nick Kennedy, Limited Edition

Price £120.00


Limited Edition Poster

Printed with Charrington Editions, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Size: 56x 73cm (paper size)

Medium: Four colour screen-printed poster Prin...

16 Jan 2018

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Last Saturday saw the second instalment of the Latest Edition exhibition at Palace Arts, Redcar. After a surprisingly trouble-free install we were ready for the preview on what was a rather cloudy grey Redcar day, nevertheless Palace Arts was a warm, welcoming hub from the cold outside. The space immediately welcomed visitors from a walk along the sea front, and we were pleased to see many local residents, friends and family who’d turned up to see the exhibition.

The space at Palace Arts is very different to the Pavilion space we’d used back in September at the Festival of Thrift. Palace Arts, although a lot smaller and compact fit, the work perfectly, the white walls resembling more of a white cube gallery enabled each artist’s work to stand out, whilst also working as a group. The artist’s films aren’t hidden away in a screening room this time but feature in the space amongst the work, these details and changes to space can really make the viewer see the work in a different light eac...

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